“The most spectacular sights are not on the path most taken.”

I have a secret to share… I really believe that a good book can solve about anything. Just imagine; coming back home after an exhausting, long day, fixin’ a cup of coffee, lighting your favorite candle (mine is Marshmallow Fireside, just in case you are wondering), snuggling on the sofa and… Opening a new book! Voila! Magic happened! Suddenly you are in another world, leaving your troubles behind and beginning a new adventure. Moreover, when you close that book deeply into the night, you suddenly see things differently. Maybe it would give you a new perspective on things that you never thought to consider. Unexpectedly, your troubles do not look that bad anymore, you have new ideas, new solutions, you are calm and relaxed, your mind is open and you ready to conquer the world and go on your own adventures.

That is why I cannot see my life without books. Sometimes I read the book that seems so real, that I feel that I actually was a pirate or a princess, or explorer who was looking for new lands. There are still sooo many books out there that are waiting for me!

❤ Victoria.


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